First run at Markermeer

Gepubliceerd op 10 oktober 2018 om 11:07

Yesterday we went to the Markermeer with a couple of teachers of the UvA! We were invited by our mentor Katja Peijnenburg (FAME) to go with their research boat. They are investigating the causes of the impoverishment of the Markermeer. This had something to do with our own project, because they measured amongst other things the pH-values of the lake. 

We began the morning at Siencepark and drove to Edam, where the boat was situated. After an introduction of both projects we set off. We raced with huge speed to the middle of the lake. When we were there, we navigated slowly back to collect all of our data. The waves however were quite huge so in no time the three of us were laying on the bottom of the boat, looking very green. But in a while we were able to collect the data of the secchy-disk, which measures the amount of algae in the water. All of us were very interested in the difference between the secchy-disk (worth 300 euros) and a sonor (worth 20.000 euros). Miraculously the difference was very small! We had a fantastic day on the water and we learned a lot about measure methods and the amount of preparation collecting data requires. 



With our mentor, Katja Peijnenburg


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