Busy with diners

Gepubliceerd op 8 september 2018 om 20:38


After a couple of weeks without updates, there is finally the first blog of our file of weekly blogs. 

We have been busy this holiday. Our main priority was the benefitdiner in Eindhoven. It is on the 25th of September, so very soon. Claire of Claire Culinair offers us the location and helps with cooking. This week we have been calling a lot with her to arrange the menu and the time of when the diner starts. She helped us a lot and assembled a lovely French menu!

We hope 30 people will come, which is quite a lot. Lucily the ticketvenue has startet and we hope a lot people will like it.

If we survive the first diner, we will arrange a second diner. Which shall take place in Amsterdam, unfortunately we have postponed it a couple of times so the exact date is now unsure. We will try to make it happen at the end of October. But we shall no doubt arrange a beautiful menu and a marvelous evening!


Would you also like to go to the diner? Order your tickets now on www.seaourfuture-eindhoven.eventbrite.nl



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