A lesson with achievement

Gepubliceerd op 16 juli 2018 om 13:47

Last Thursday we went to the Westerparkschool to give three lessons. In the beginning we were a bit nervous when it appeared that the whole school knew we came visit them, but we prepared pretty good so the nerves disappeared very fast. 

First we taught at the seventh grade (according to the Dutch school system). We began our lesson with a short introduction of the difference between acidic and alkaline. After that we did a little experiment with pH-paper and we talked extensively about the boat itself. The children were very enthusiastic and to our delight they already knew a lot about the global warming. So in the end we thought it was an amazing experience and we hope this feeling is mutual! We also taught at the fifth grade and those kids where also very enthusiastic. Finally we answered more than hundred questions, the children we unstoppable. The inters of the children was admirable!



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