Practicing our sailing skills

Gepubliceerd op 12 juli 2018 om 21:28

We haven't written a blog in a while, so this is going to be a long post about the things we have done lately and what we are going to do.

The last two weeks we have had testweek so we were very busy with school. In spite of that, we spend a day in the weekend, between our tests,  sailing on the clipper Jacob van Berlijn! We learned a lot about sailing which is of course very useful for our trip. It was a very nice day with our parents and friends. 

Earlier this month, we received a positive message from the Prins Bernard Culture fund. They called us to ask for several documents and said that they will consider funding us! Unfortunately their meeting in which they will decide wether they will, or will not fund us will take place in September. So we'll have to wait a while.

Recently, we were also busy with contacting elementary schools in Amsterdam. We have prepared a lesson  in which we want to tell kids about the sea and of course about our research. We didn't receive many answers, which is probably because it's the end of the schoolyear, but we did receive a response from a school very interested in us. Next Thursday we will teach at the Westerpark School in Amsterdam. We are really looking forward to it!

Last of all, we had a meeting about our fundraising dinner with Marloes. Marloes is the manager of the venue where we are going to have our dinner. The fundraising dinner is our plan to raise more money. We have thought carefully about how we want the dinner, who the cook will be and when it will take place. Now we're waiting for the cook's answer, but as soon as we have more information, we will post it on the website!

The following weeks, we are not going to do very exciting things because of the summer vacation. We will continue working, but we won't do things that are worth mentioning in our blog. That's why we will stop posting weekly blogs the following weeks, unless something important or fun happens. After the summer vacation we will continue writing our weekly blogs!


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