Making progress

Gepubliceerd op 2 april 2018 om 12:57

This week we have done a lot. Last Wednesday we had a meeting with Catelijne Elzes, who is going to help us with making a press release and writing down the details of our researchproject. We're planning on sending a press release to Het Parool and we hope making it into the newspapers!

We also have sent every energy company in the Netherlands an email (so we wrote 39 emails!). The next day we went to Leiden with the train. There we spoke with a scientist of Naturalis, who examines the habits of plankton in the ocean. We now have a better idea of what where going to examine and how we are going to do it, so we will soon publish a detailed raport. 

We were planning on filming our promotion video this week, but unfortunatily the weather wouldn't work with us, it is a bit delayed. Fortunately we got a lot more donators, in wich henQ.

It was a very succsesful week!


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