Our first big bump

Gepubliceerd op 11 februari 2018 om 10:25

Last week will be remembered as the week of the big dissapointments. We survived it, after a lot of calls, some good thinking and some more calls. When this week began, we thought: "On monday we are going to sign up!" The journey is very fast booked up, but we thought: "Lets go for it". This was easier said than done. We needed an certain amount of money, which we didn't have. After lots of thinking, we decided not to sign up and to get the bigger part of the amount first. Lets hope the journey is still free when we have the money, but if it isn't, we will sign up for another journey, which is also very cool! 

This week we started with raising the serious money and next week we hope to contact the first company. Hopefully it will work!


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