Our first milestone

Gepubliceerd op 30 januari 2018 om 14:46

This week we have accomplished our first milestone: we have got our first sponsors! We gave out flyers at the guestdays of our school (Het 4e Gymnasium). All the parent were very excited! After those days we gave a lot of our teachers also a flyer and they thought it was a great idea. On Saturday I had a concert and there I also gave some flyers away. It is very nice to see how enthousiastic everyone is, it really helps! At this moment, we are mainly busy with making sponsorplans. We have to reach a lot of people to get the amount of money. We also made a storyboard of our promotional movie. After getting permission of the school, we finaly signed up for Mastership Wylde Swan, so the reality is getting very bright now. 


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