Oktober 2018

First run at Markermeer

Yesterday we went to the Markermeer with a couple of teachers of the UvA! We were invited by our mentor Katja Peijnenburg (FAME) to go with their research boat. They are investigating the causes of the impoverishment of the Markermeer. This had something to do with our own project, because they measured amongst other things the pH-values of the lake. 

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September 2018
Juli 2018

A lesson with achievement

Last Thursday we went to the Westerparkschool to give three lessons. In the beginning we were a bit nervous when it appeared that the whole school knew we came visit them, but we prepared pretty good so the nerves disappeared very fast. 

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Mei 2018

Library day

The last couple of days we have been busy with contacting foundations. We also worked out our research method and we wrote a press release for newspapers. So in a nutshell: it is a lot of work and not so interesting to talk about. 

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After a busy week with Kingsday, Pure Market and Radio 2 we have had springbreak, but we still did things during those to weeks. We changed for example the sponsoramounts for companies and we welcomed our new sponsor: Even Naturals! 

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April 2018

A busy week

Last week was a very busy week! Last friday we sold coffee and tea (and earned a lot of money). People were very enthousiastic and our coffee was really appreciated :) In the morning it was a  bit cold, but later that day it got a little warmer. 

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Making progress

This week we have done a lot. Last Wednesday we had a meeting with Catelijne Elzes, who is going to help us with making a press release and writing down the details of our researchproject. We're planning on sending a press release to Het Parool and we hope making it into the newspapers!

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Maart 2018


The UVA wants to help us! This is really great, because of this we can carry out our research better and process the results better.

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Thousand euro's

You haven't heared from us in a while, this is meanly because we where busy with a couple prepairings for the project. But we are happy to anounce we our first thousand euro's! Meanwhile 14 people have donated money and we want to thank them a lot. This week we contacted Catelijne Elzes, who is going to help us write an article. Now we mainly busy with writing to companies, because how much money thousand euro's is, we still need a lot more. We also found someone at the University of Amsterdam, who wants to help us with our project. We have a couple of questions, so if you know anything about it, feel free to help us!

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